3 best known museums in Amsterdam

Best known museums in Amsterdam best known musea

If you are coming to Amsterdam any time soon, you better be prepared on what to expect when in comes to art and culture! The city of Amsterdam is filled with cultural buildings, events and museums. The museums in Amsterdam are known for their special collections of paintings. We won’t spoil this in the introduction… Just read our 5 tips for the best known museums in Amsterdam!

Van Gogh museum

The Van Gogh museum is the most popular museum of Amsterdam. It highlights a lot of the paintings that Van Gogh painted. There also a temporary exhibition which highlights work of other painters as well. You’ll meet one of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings here, the Sterrennacht. Meaning the Star night. You will also be able to see the Zonnebloem (sunflower) and his most famous self portrait.

Anne Frank house

Anne Frank house has been a hit for many years already. Although the story is of course sad, Anne Frank keeps the whole world thinking about this. Thinking about World War II and thinking about her and alle her adventures and stories in the house she lived in during the war. A tragedy, but fascinating to walk around in the house and to see the backroom where she used to live.


We’ve put the Van Gogh museum on number 1. Though it’s very competitive to the Rijksmuseum. The Rijksmuseum is located in the city center and has been renovated a few years ago. What you can expect? The Nights watch of Rembrandt! Self portraits of Rembrandt! Chairs of famous Dutch architects, and so forth. You can wonder around in the Rijksmuseum for a few hours. Or combine the Rijksmuseum with a visit to the Van Gogh, it’s just around the corner.

Amsterdam has a lot more to offer when it comes to museums. But at least now you know which are the three most popular ones. When visiting Amsterdam, be sure to book a nice hostel for yourself. Hostel Amsterdam Leidscheplein offers you a comfortable place to stay at an affordable rate.