Famous people in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is known as a movie city, there have been famous people in Amsterdam. Not only did they record a lot of Dutch movies, also a few famous international movies were filmed here! The old city attracted a few moviemakers to shoot some nice footage. One of the most famous movies shot here was Pulp Fiction. In the movie they refer to the Dutch culture quite a lot. The streets of the old town of Amsterdam are famous for their architecture. There’s a lot of history to find in Amsterdam. The city tries to maintain the ‘old’ look of the canals and the houses built around it.

Famous people in Ocean’s Twelve

We all know Ocean’s Twelve. Quite a few famous actors played in the movie, such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Catherina Zeta Jones. They had a huge amount of money to spend when producing this movie, around 100 million dollars. A lot of shots have been filmed in Amsterdam. But also shots of the central station in Haarlem. They used the central station in Haarlem as if it was central station in Amsterdam. For one shot they arranged a Thalys to arrive at Haarlem, which costed a lot of money…

But enough about money, this movie was very popular and a lot of people around the world checked out the streets of Amsterdam! To name a few streets: Prinsengracht, De Heilige Weg, Koningsplein and Kalverstraat. You can check out all these streets yourself. You probably recognize a lot of scenes when walking down there.

Famous people in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalow

Right after Ocean’s Twelve was filmed, Deuce Bigolow was filmed in Amsterdam. The whole movie is filmed in the city. They transformed a part of the Brouwersgracht and pretended it was the red light district. In this movie there were also a lot of Dutch actors involved. If you walk around the Brouwersgracht you will be sure to recognize a few places from the movie!

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