Hostel Criteria Checklist for students

Hostel Criteria Checklist for students

Hostel Criteria: Ofcourse you’d like your Downwtown Amsterdam Hostel on walking distance of all the interesting highlights. And of course you search for an Amsterdam guesthouse as cheap as possible. But what are the other most logical criteria that would make it to your checklist when you’re in search of your ideal dutch dorm?
Earlier we wrote this article about 5 Amsterdam Sightseeing tips, proving you that our hostels’ locations fit all the criteria for a well positioned base to explore Amsterdam from.
student hostel criteria checklistSo, in this article the student checklist of most common and important hostel search criteria for Amsterdam and other destinations.

Ofcourse when you’re in search of the right ambiance for youngsters wanting to party in Amsterdam throughout the night, you’d probably be searching for a youth hostel in the more vibrant part of Amsterdam. It’ll be just comfortable if your Amsterdam budget hostel is just around the corner and within your personal search results.


The place where you’re about to spend your nights should be clean. It should have clean sheets, refreshed every day. And it should offer you the opportunity to get a GOOD NIGHT’S REST. Here’s your checklist for your Amsterdam dorm.

  • Bed size (Are you tall? Don’t worry, ‘all dutch are tall’)
  • Multiple room sizes (Flexibility if you want a room just for you and your friends)
  • Clean sheets, refreshed every day
  • Access to a proper and clean bathroom
  • Is there a decent luggage storage where your stuff is safe?
  • Availability of towels and other stuff for personal hygiene (free or paid)
  • Breakfast availability (In Amsterdam you’ll want Cheese with your breakfast!)


Because you will probably be spending most of your daytime outside the hostel, the importance of general facilities may differ individually. We tried to make the “all-round average complete list” for you

  • Geographical optimal location
  • Multiple ways of public transit nearby
  • Reasonable # of highlights on walking distance
  • Free broadband WI-FI
  • Free lounge
  • Free TV (with not just local channels)
  • 24 hours availability of personnel
  • Free access to kitchen with reasonable facilities
  • Fax & Telephone availability