Mariniersmuseum Rotterdam, important milestones in the Dutch Marine Corps

Mariniersmuseum RotterdamMariniersmuseum Rotterdam

Mariniersmuseum Rotterdam is located in Wijnhaven, Rotterdam. The museum has a large collection of marine-related items, and these are meant to commemorate the history and accomplishments of the Dutch marine corps. The place holds the story of the marine corps from 1655 until now in The Mariniersmuseum Rotterdam.

This museum has grown famous since it organizes a wide variety of artifacts in the proper order. There are no bloody scenes, so you can even take your children. In this place, you will find gear, military drums, pipes, vehicles, clothing, and other items. The details can give you a feeling of what a normal day in the field is like.

It doesn’t just cover the old history of the marine corps- even recent events like the Afghanistan war are detailed in this museum. The museum paints a grim picture of the city during the second world war. At this time, the museum was completely destroyed by German bombs. It was later rebuilt towards the end of the 20th century and the details on the 2nd world war were created.

Here are some important historical events covered in this museum:

• The Trip to Chatham- This is one of the oldest events covered in the museum. This journey occurred in 1667 during the Second Anglo-Dutch War, and it marked a successful Dutch attack on the British navy.
• The Bombing of Rotterdam- This occurred during the Second World War. The Germans bombed the place because the Dutch Marine Corps tried to defend the Rotterdam ports and the Waalhaven Airport.
• The Afganistan War- The Dutch Marine Corps was deployed to fight in the Afghanistan War under the US and Nato command. The Dutch forces spent four years in the war.
• The Iraqi War- In the Iraqi War, the Dutch sent 1100 troops to support the British and American marines.


The Mariniersmuseum Rotterdam was developed to commemorate important milestones in the Dutch Marine Corps. It has a wide variety of items that depict the life of a marine and the history of the unit. You should make a point of visiting the museum. If you are trying to reduce your expenditure, you can stay at Amsterdam Hostel Leidseplein, an affordable and comfortable hostel.