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How to make your trip to Amsterdam affordable

Your trip to Amsterdam: When you are planning a trip to Amsterdam, the first thing to do is look into all the options available to you. Though it’s fun to splash out as much as possible, the chances are that you want to keep your options open, and that means being proactive in reducing costs where you can. After all, saving money in one area gives you more to spend elsewhere in your trip, and means you can cram in more of the beautiful city in one go!

First hint: book in advance. Though it is possible to do a last minute trip to Amsterdam without planning, you will almost certainly save a lot of money by booking as far ahead as you can manage. This will also help you see when the busiest periods are, which are usually the most expensive. Pick a less popular time to visit and you will get all of the perks with none of the credit-card debt.

A popular pastime for visitors to Amsterdam is a cruise along the canal. This is one area where you can afford to be frugal. Though there are options to have expansive, expensive meals aboard these cruises, why not pick one of the simpler options? Though you may not get a five-star feast, you could easily save a packet and still get to see the sights from the gentle water.

There are many fantastic museums in the city, if that’s your thing. Since some of these (such as the Anne Frank House) are extremely popular, this is one area you have to plan in advance to visit. Soak in the culture of one of the most fascinating cities in the world for only a few euros apiece, and see some of the city alongside it as the trains take you away from the packed center.

Your trip to Amsterdam: If you plan to see the Van Gogh museum (which is a great idea!), you should look into the passes available that give you tickets to the museum along with a jump-on, jump-off bus pass to get you around. By killing two birds with one stone you can put some cash aside for a decent drink later.

For those days where you’re worn out and looking for some beautiful scenes without breaking the bank, head over to Vondelpark. Created in the mid-eighteen hundreds, it’s a stunning park that with sooth any headache you’ve got leftover from last night, and it’s completely free to visit. 

There are many theatres and shows in the city for those nights where you’re not feeling the nightclub vibe. Some might be above your pay grade since it’s a city that appeals to all levels, but there are many shows that will keep you entertained for a few hours if that’s your thing. Just like many places, it’s possible to book in advance and find great deals, and sometimes last-minute deals will get you a price you would never believe possible.

your trip to AmsterdamOne area where you can save the most money is accommodation. There are a lot of options when visiting a city as popular as Amsterdam, especially during the peak months, but many of the options are pricey. If you want to save money and still have a comfortable option of somewhere for your short stay in Amsterdam, why not look into hostels as an alternative? The Amsterdam Hostel Sarphati is close enough to the action to be a great choice, and will keep your costs down for the more important pursuits.


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