Puur Terschelling: A Breath-Taking Island in Holland

Puur Terschelling: A Breath-Taking Island in Holland

The best vacation is fun, educational, and worth remembering. There are many places in the world that can meet these qualifications, but I only know of a handful of places as impressive as Puur Terschelling. This is a farm located on the northern side of The Netherlands. It is known for its beaches, sand dunes, and a variety of farm animals. This island offers a wide range of activities for you to engage in. It also has a breath-taking appearance, and that will significantly improve your pleasure of your vacation.

Boat Rides at Puur Terschelling

The island has many different types of cars, and these are suitable for both small and large groups of people. You will be able to choose from these types of cars: covered wagons, horse sleighs, lounge carts, and mopeds. Many couples also visit the place for weddings. If you intend to get married here, you will be offered a wedding carriage. This carriage, combined with the natural beauty of the island, will make your wedding day memorable. Lounge carts are also available, and they come with extra wide couches and beanbags. You can expect highly luxurious rides on these cars.

Activities to Engage In

Puur Terschelling is an exceptional place for horse riders, sportspeople, and nature lovers. Many visitors like taking tours in the cars. These guided tours usually cover the entire island, and over the tour, your guide will tell you the history and culture of the place. You can also enjoy a picnic with your loved ones. An accordionist will provide some relaxing music if you want. Alternatively, you can choose to picnic on your ride. It is also possible to combine your wagon rides with horseshoe golf, tug-of-war, and other similar games. Another popular activity in the island is horse riding. Friesian horses are available to all guests.


Puur Terschelling is a calm and relaxed island. Many people visit the place every year for its amazing beauty and the wide variety of activities available. You can visit the island for relaxation, sporting activities, or even simple picnics.

Puur Terschelling