Romantic restaurants for Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day we celebrate love. Whether you are in a long term relationship, or you’re only recently in love, Valentine’s Day is a perfect reason to take your loved one to a nice restaurant. Who needs fancy presents when you can spend an evening together, enjoying a lovely candlelit dinner. In this blogpost we share the best restaurants in Amsterdam.

Fine dining

If you want to go all out for Valentine’s, skip the casual eateries and go for a fine dining experience. If you want to impress your date, or simply if you know your partner enjoys good food and wine. A great example is Jacobsz in the east part of Amsterdam. Perfect for spending an evening with food, great wines and good company.

Michelin Star Restaurant

There are 20 restaurants in Amsterdam who have received one or two Michelin stars. These restaurants are the absolute best restaurants in the city. If you enjoy really special food experiences, those restaurants are worth a visit. Do expect higher prices than other restaurants. For example, dinner at &Moshik costs €175 (for seven courses). If you order wine with each course, the bill will be even longer. Ron Gastrobar is a great option in this category. They serve excellent food and use premium quality ingredients.

A casual experience

Not everybody is a fan of fine dining. If you prefer a more casual evening out, there are lots of good options in Amsterdam. Loulou Pizzabar serves maybe the best pizza in Amsterdam. They use a unique recipe for their dough. The tartufo (with truffles) is a great recommendation at Loulou Pizzabar. If you’re looking for an activity on Valentine’s Day, Loulou also has their own pizza academy where you can learn to make pizzas.

If you can’t decide which restaurant to visit on Valentine’s Day, you can always ask our staff for advise. They are local to Amsterdam and always have great unique recommendations for a great experience. Enjoy Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam!