Top food festivals in Amsterdam

Food festivals in Amsterdam 

Amsterdam has loads of festivals in the Summer. Everybody is happy that the sun is out and a festival is a perfect way of celebrating life with friends! As Amsterdam has a lot of festivals, we will name only the top food festivals to go to. Are you up for something specials to eat and drink?

Asian Street food Festival: 22-23 of June

It’s all in the name! This festival is all about Asian street food. The setup is very nice! You can walk around to check out the stalls with the food. And in the middle you have the option to sit down and eat your Indonesian chicken scewers of Bapao’s. Up for something Thai or Japanese? No problem! All of these kitchens are represtend at the food festival in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Burger Festival: 6 of July

A good burger, since a few years they’re quite easy to get. A lot of restaurants in Amsterdam are either specialized in making burgers or they have at least one really good burger on the menu. The burger is hot these days. So why not organize a festival? We couldn’t agree more! At the Amsterdam Burger Festival you can have regular burgers, cheese burgers, vegan burgers and even sushi burgers. Meaning, vegans are also more than welcome at this festival! You might skip breakfast before going to this festival.

Vegan Food Festival: 27 – 28 July

Are you vegan? Or do you want to try some vegan food? Then the Vegan Food Festival is a nice one to try! You’ll eat special meals and creative meals as none of the meals have anything from animals in them. But there’s more at this festival! You can visit readings, listen to music and play a few games! The Vegan Food Festival is not the only vegan festival by the way.. A vegan lifestyle is booming in Amsterdam. You can also visit the The Green Festival (15 September). And there has been another one, the Funky Vegan Festival (11-12 May).

Amsterdam has a lot more to offer. But at least now you know which are the three most popular ones. When visiting Amsterdam, be sure to book a nice hostel for yourself. Hostel Amsterdam Leidscheplein offers you a comfortable place to stay at an affordable rate.